About Mityman

Mityman has been serving customers since October 2004. Right from the start we knew that we were facing strong competition in the market, and decided to discern ourselves from everyone else by offering two values we did not see readily available.

At Mityman, we offer a personal service found at very few hosting companies. In addition, our years of development work in Information Technology enable us to provide a custom programmed hosting service not found anywhere else.

We take pride in the fact that besides offering unsurpassed service, we also have exemplary uptimes and a full range of standard hosting solutions. With many years of combined IT experience, Mityman is also able to offer unique and specialized solutions to any request, even if it means developing the software ourselves to suit your exact needs.

With this business philosophy we have had a steady growth of very loyal customers that repeatedly exclaim that the hosting service we provide is better than any they have used in the past.

"Mityman is customer service oriented and keeps a constant line of communication regarding hosting and programming services they offer."


With Mityman, web hosting becomes exactly what you want it to be.